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City Wall Suggestion - Recover faster in your HQ

After your castle have been destroyed from your city, it would be great if your wall could recover faster.

Actually when your wall is destroyed, it will took you 21 days.
It's totally too much and force players to join a new server, which we would like to avoid.

If they could make that once the wall has been destroyed and player go back to the HQ, It speed up by 2-3x its recovery.

That way player will comeback faster to their city if the opponent didn't conquer it.

Which rewards did you obtained on this magical spring ?

You can find this magical spring at Rivendale

4MobileGamer I won 3800 Gold with the 2000 Gold

7 months ago Reply Like

Katsuyorami I just try and obtained 2587 Elixir for 2000 gold

7 months ago Reply Like

Yohooo! Nice site Dominic

This guys opened 30 Mithril chest, it will help you to decide if you spend your linari or not !

I don't think it's worth spending since you can get way more in the shop.

Katsuyorami I don't think it's worth, i prefer to buy 10k gold for 200 linari or special unit on the shop

7 months ago Reply Like

Our inventory getting full of green equipment and lots of double blue, but it's hard to obtain the one we need ( blue set,purple...)

The best way would be to dismantle those useless equipment and receive some material who will be required to forge a random or specific equipment.

Example :
I dismantle 5 green equipment and receive 5 green magic stones.
With those 5 green magic stones, i can receive randomly 1 blue equipment.

If you plan to attack someone, make sure he doesn't have a + on his defense. That mean someone is defending him.

The best is to attack a castle with 2-3 level lower than yours.
You will be sure to beat his army without big lost.

Take your time and look around the city and take a screenshot of the one you are interested to attack.

Them make your final decision !

Katsuyorami Thanks, that will help a lot !

7 months ago Reply Like

To successfully rob lot of resources you will need to make sure all your troops can attack and are not blocked.

Archer are the best to rob player resources because they will all attack and will not be blocked like swordsman and spearmen.

Make sure to have space between your melee troop so they can have enough place to attack.

Katsuyorami Swordsman always have difficulty to all attack the wall, would it be better to use only the cavalry ?

7 months ago Reply Like

When you receive such notice, it's mean that you didn't opened an area where your escort need to travel.

Simply look the map and open all the area where it needed for your escort to pass.

It's important to add at least 1 level on Natural Leader.

You will be able to add 1 more troops into the battle and it will save your lot of energy since you will be able to conquer enemies with 3 troops.

After you can focus on Arrow Volley, which will dealt massive damage.

Don't spend your points on Capture resources because it will give you few resource and it will not worth.
Archer Mastery can be really good to rob castle resource since archer can attack from far distance + they are able to attack all at the same time. Since melee troops are blocked.

Other skill will cost you energy who doesn't seems to be interesting. It may be for late game.

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