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This guys make the best montage of Clash Royale !

It's not only fun, but it will also show you some new tricks !

Clash Royale
Clash Royale

Question by Gamer : 4MobileGamer

What was your first legendary card ?

You maybe didn't see this video, but you should watch !

With your skill you can obtain a legendary chest for only 10 gems !

This guys make will make you laugh on all his video !

City Wall Suggestion - Recover faster in your HQ

After your castle have been destroyed from your city, it would be great if your wall could recover faster.

Actually when your wall is destroyed, it will took you 21 days.
It's totally too much and force players to join a new server, which we would like to avoid.

If they could make that once the wall has been destroyed and player go back to the HQ, It speed up by 2-3x its recovery.

That way player will comeback faster to their city if the opponent didn't conquer it.

Which rewards did you obtained on this magical spring ?

You can find this magical spring at Rivendale

4MobileGamer I won 3800 Gold with the 2000 Gold

7 months ago Reply Unlike

Katsuyorami I just try and obtained 2587 Elixir for 2000 gold

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Boom Beach
Boom Beach

Question by Gamer : 4MobileGamer

Can you create a solid base to defend against CosmicDuo ?

This guys tried all units against Hot Pots and the answer is clear.

Don't waste your units with high number of troops they gonna be destroyed.
Use big units with high number of hp and you will be able to destroy them without too much trouble.

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